Welcome to ada_CONF, we’re so happy you’re here!

Birthed in Malmö 2017, ada_CONF is a one day, hands on tech conference for non-cismale software developers. Skipping past all the chatter about gender in tech, we’re a space for sharing, innovating and creating cool stuff.

Lady Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) is generally thought of as the first programmer. Translating a paper conceptualising a computer, she published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by such a machine. An unapologetic pioneer, she didn’t wait for permission.

Each ada_CONF is made by the tech community of the host city. Foo Café handles the boring logistical stuff, but it’s local companies who fund the event, local volunteers who spread the word and local speakers who make it worth attending. Of course, travelling attendees and speakers are also welcome.

ada_CONF is and always will be completely free for attendees. Check out our contribute page to find out how you can get involved as a speaker, sponsor or volunteer.

Next conferences

22nd of September in Stockholm, Sweden

13th of October in Malmö, Sweden

Call for paper

Call for paper ends at 1st of September for both conferences.

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