A tour of the early Internet – Dax Murray

I want to take you on a tour of the early Internet to figure out why some aspects of the Internet today are what they are. I specifically want to look at how domains, domain name registrars, and email inboxes came to be and how they requirements from the past can both limit or assist us today. Did you know that it was a single woman who used to accept or reject applications for domain names? Did you know the RFC’s for email addresses allowed spaces, at signs, and more in the local part? This tour will address some of these concepts and misconceptions.

Dax Murray has previously spoken at RubyConf, Lesbians Who Tech, and given lightning talks and workshops at numerous unconferences, such as RubyDCamp, RetroRuby, and AndConf. Fey have worked as a software engineer at such notable places like the Democratic National Committee and currently works on integrating RFID technology into the hospital pharmacy at Kit Check. Dax’s CV is at dax.codes and fey keep a book blog at daxmurray.com. Dax uses fey/fem/feir pronouns and is a non-binary femme.

Type: talk
Level: open
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6t6HHOjNzM