Surrounded by self-styled UX experts.
The challenges of UX professionals in large enterprises.

Key takeaways from this talk:
how to reduce self-styled UX experts’ false assumptions and focus on actual users’ needs and problems
how to engage non-UX people in the research and design process
how to present research results to draw everyone’s attention

About Anna Jozanis
Anna Jozanis has been working as a UX Designer at Allegro, Polish e-commerce leader and one of the biggest marketplaces in Europe. Currently, she also manages Allegro UX Team responsible for user experience behind purchase and payments. She strongly believes that the most delightful and engaging experiences are created in the interdisciplinary teams. For this reason, she gladly invites managers, analysts and developers to design processes.
Previously she gave a few talks or workshops on local polish events and conferences on product developement and user experience, like Product Camp in Gdynia, Tipi UX in Poznań or World Usability Day Conference 2017 in Poznań and ACE! Conference 2018 in Kraków.