Designing UI for systems, not products
How do you create a cohesive, ecosystem-wide UI language when you have disparate tools and capabilities across the touchpoints? As connected services and smart products become increasingly complex, a screen-only design system encounters more and more limitations and challenges. When you have one mobile app, one tiny screen on a Linux powered device, and a single LED line on a dishwasher, creating a coherent UI approach becomes a corner stone for successful UX.

About Sonja Rattay
Sonja is a multi disciplinary designer and strategist. She is a co-founder and Head of UX at Block Zero Studio, a Malmö based innovation & design studio. Projects she has worked on range from creating immersive fashion technology and UX for embodied interaction to eco system design for smart homes and creating machines with personality. She has exhibited and talked about her work at conferences and events all over Europe and facilitates workshops on topics such as empathic design, futuristic interfaces and cyborgs.