Call for Papers at ada_CONF2 Malmö fall 2018

ada_CONF is one day hands-on tech conference for women and trans people organized by Foo Café. ada_CONF2 will be held in Malmö in the fall of 2018 at the venue of Foo Café Malmö.  We are providing the opportunity for Global Diversity CFP workshop attendees on Feb 3rd to submit talks and workshops already in spring 2018 for the ada_CONF in Malmö. Talks are 30 minutes excluding Q&A. Workshops are between 45 to 90 minutes. The majority of the programme at ada_CONF will be in English.

Call for Papers, topics we welcome in Malmö:

Programming Languages
Programing methods, patterns and principles
Version Control Systems
System Administration
Free and Open Software
Hands on workshops for things better tried than watched

Send the following information to

E-mail headline: ada_CONF2 Malmo/Global Diversity CFP
Abstract: about three sentences on the topic you would like to talk or workshop about. For inspiration, see earlier presenters.
Bio of speaker: your previous engagements, videos, articles, LinkedIn, Twitter.
Contact Information: e-mail, etc.

Out of scope are subjects around lack of diversity in tech, feminism, intersectionality or talks specifically directed towards women or trans people. ada_CONF is just like any other tech and IT-conference, just without cis-men.